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Apache Ignite Management and Monitoring Guide

Head of Developer Relations at GridGain
Apache Ignite Committer and PMC Member

If you are reading this page, then it’s highly likely that you are wondering how to monitor and manage Apache Ignite (or GridGain) clusters in production: what the most important metrics are, how to set up alerting or troubleshoot performance when the cluster is under the production load, and how to do cluster backups. The list of questions and challenges related to Ignite production monitoring goes on and on. You won’t believe how frequently we, Apache Ignite community members, are bombarded with such questions via the Ignite user list or via Stack Overflow!

In this guide, we share our knowledge and experience with you, an architect or developer who is using or considering using Apache Ignite in production. The tutorial intertwines theory with hands-on exercise. At the conclusion of the tutorial, not only will you have developed a solid understanding of Ignite management and monitoring but also you will have a workable solution running on your laptop.

Sounds useful? Then brew a cup of coffee or tea and begin the tutorial: