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GridGain Nebula

GridGain Nebula is a cloud-native fully-managed service for Apache Ignite and GridGain Platform. Nebula eliminates the complexity of configuring, provisioning, managing, optimizing and scaling Apache Ignite in cloud or hybrid environments. You can spend less time managing the Ignite instances and more time focused on building the high-performance and scalable applications.

All managed environments are configured for up to 99% availability with distributed fault tolerance to deliver maximum reliability to support mission-critical workloads. For GridGain Enterprise Edition and GridGain Ultimate Edition users, GridGain Nebula supports deployments spanning multiple datacenters and deploys the advanced security features available in these GridGain Editions.

Get Started With GridGain Nebula

Describes how to start working with GridGain Nebula.

Connect Your Application

Describes how to connect client applications to Nebula clusters.

Deploy Code to Clusters

Describes how to use deployment units to deploy code dependencies to the clusters.

Contact Us for More Support

The GridGain support team can help you resolve issues with the GridGain Nebula, your Nebula clusters, billing, account access, or connecting to a cluster.