Bill Freedman

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Director, Demand Generation & Growth in Marketing


The virtual Ignite Summit on June 14 attracted hundreds of Igniters from around the globe excited to learn and share their experiences. (Video of all sessions is available on-demand here.) The event, organized by GridGain and the Apache Ignite community, was preceded the day before by free technical training sessions on Apache Ignite essentials, compute grid, and Apache Ignite with Spring Boot and Spring Data...
Customer 360 View is a significant aspect of digital transformation, enabling organizations to gain insights into customer behavior. Armed with this understanding, companies can make data-driven decisions to serve their customers with personalized experiences and promote growth through targeted marketing. Yet, gaining this 360 view is data-intensive and requires quick access to up-to-date information. Digital enterprises turn to Apache Ignite and GridGain’s powerful in-memory computing...